“Detour comeback vs donation” … Park Yoochun, during ‘probation’ time, to hold a fan meeting in Thailand

Park Yoochun to hold paid fan meeting in Thailand while on probation

Park Yoo Chun, who is currently under probation, will be holding a fan meeting in Bangkok.

According to Thai officials, he will be holding a fan meeting at Chaengwattana Hall in Bangkok at 7 PM local time on December 25. The price for a ticket including the high touch event is 5000 baht (~$165.73 USD).

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1. [+5515, -41] He still has fans..?

2. [+3563, 44] His press conference still shocks me to this day… I didn’t like him because of his s*x scandal but when his drug scandal erupted, I found him so shameless when he decided to hold a press conference to say “Oh, this is not true.” He dyed his hair a few times, so I think they detected the drug use using his leg hair? It was goosebumps … to think that someone who dominated a generation turned out like this; But you’re telling me that he’s holding a fan meeting during his probation time?ㅠㅠ Thai fans, please.. there are a lot of celebrities cooler than him…

3. [+1975, -39] It’s so brazen..

4. [+1704, -17] Not even giving away all the profits but only part of itㅋㅋ

5. [+644, -15] Someone who just can’t live quietly

6. [+325, -9] You said you were retiring. What’s your name for a fan meeting? Are you trying to make money with the faith of international fans? What’s the meaning of such a donation? Just live quietly.

7. [+243, -8] Didn’t you say you’re retiring? What kind of fan meeting?

8. [+169, -7] Sometimes I don’t understand foreign fans. Even in Burning Sun scandal.. I was surprised when I read the comments saying, ‘My Oppa is not wrong’, ‘It’s okay, I believe in my oppa’.

9. [+157, -4] I hear you’re retiring. You’re lying again. The fans are fools.

10. [+155, -10] This is how you should use malicious comments.

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