Parts from TWICE’s new song “Cry For Me” that received good responses on 2020 MAMA

Sana’s 2nd verse

Nayeon’s part

Chaeyoung’s last part

original post: theqoo

1. Yesterday, Chaeyoung was really good

2. I like this song…. The song has 90’s vibe, I think the public will love this song…

3. I love it. I keep listening to this song..

4. Sana was too pretty. I want to know why this song was not the title song

5. Oh the song is so good why the song hasn’t been released yet… Give me this song,,,,,,,,

6. Personally, I like the song because there is no rap part, both Chaeyoung and Dahyun sing well

7. The song is damn good;;;;

8. Even though I’m a woman, I think I’ll love Sana

9. I like the song and the choreography. I want to see the 9-member version with Jeongyeon

10. Chaeyoung’s last part was a big hit

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