The reason why this trainee’s screen time got cut

The morning, we get up, right? The producers are the ones who wake us up.

They would wake us up with an arrogant temper.

So the trainee said something about it, about why they would wake us up with that temper

The staff got angry at the trainee, “are you getting mad at us?” and since then, he almost didn’t appear on screen anymore

original post: theqoo

1. This is the most ridiculous

2. This shocked me the most…

3. Wow …. Are they gangsters?

4. Wow … This is beyond my imagination

5. Poor kids. What are they doing to the kids?

6. Fans joke that they’re not good enough, but this is the truth .. That’s how the crew treats trainees.

7. Are they crazy? Are they gangsters??????

8. Seriously ㄷㄷㄷ They cut trainee’s screen time as if they are gods.

9. This is not the survival show but the bullying program. They really see themselves as gods……..

10. This is dumbfounding, why are they like that?

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