“Donation of talent” vs “Don’t want to hear it”… Mixed reactions to Red Velvet’s subway announcement recording

People complain about Red Velvet's subway announcements

original post: nate

1. [+3120, -293] I don’t get this. There are already recordings made by voice actors, why not use that? It’s not for public service or anything… ‘Donation of talent’ should be put to where it is needed or lacking

2. [+2906, -318] I can’t stand this more than EXO’s airplane announcements. Such a drop in class

3. [+1929, -190] As if anyone is feeling a change of mood from listening to their voices

4. [+268, -45] Please just keep announcements in public spaces for the voice actors. The subway is not a place to hang out..

5. [+237, -22] They’re not anchorwomen. I don’t get why a girl group is putting out subway announcements. Of course people won’t want to listen to that

6. [+221, -12] Do you know why a voice actor is a voice actor? Because they know how to match their voice to the mood of the situation and the environment. Having to listen to a voice that’s not a fit for the situation totally ruins the atmosphere. It makes me want to shut my ears

7. [+205, -19] SM is so greedy, they always try to put their artists everywhere

8. [+170, -15] They play it way too often too

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