The U.S Billboard, “Pouring request for collaboration of BTS V and
Aminé” got attention around the world

On August 13, V posted a lipsync video to Aminé’s “BLACKJACK”, captioned “yeah~~hi”.

In it, he lipsyncs to the song while walking around with a self-cam, creating his own music video.

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1. [+1962, -151] Billboard wrote a twitter to request collaboration. Music and charm of BTS V have exploded since yesterday morning. I wish you all the best for legend’s collaboration.

2. [+1512, -125] V’s tweet shows his incredible influence through US Billboard articles! I’m always amazed by BTS V’ wide musical spectrum. I’m looking forward to a collaboration with the all-around entertainer, Aminé!!

3. [+1260, -113] Aminé, who became famous for BTS V, also realized the influence of Taehyung. I’m looking forward to their collaboration.

4. [+1163, -101] V really different! When I watch his dances, it’s really cool and interesting. I was so touched by emotional ‘Winter Bear’. Can I look forward to seeing you? I look forward to your collaboration with Aminé!

5. [+168, -9] I’m already looking forward to seeing Legends and Legends. The combination of different musical genres to express the depth of music spectrum of V, BTS V was able to express a good song in his own style that even the original song was already very exciting!

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