Singer -> Actor … How was Park Ji Hoon’s first acting challenge in ‘Flower Crew’?

People praise Park Ji Hoon's acting in 'Flower Crew' drama

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1. [+303, -26] Park Ji Hoon’s acting is really good. I thought the story would only be just a romantic historical drama but it was really deep, I didn’t know time went by so fast.

2. [+224, -9] Park Ji Hoon plays the matchmaker in the dramaㅋㅋㅋ Ji Hoon is so cute ^^

3. [+196, -10] The story of ‘Flower Crew’ is fun. Park Ji Hoon’s natural acting is good! I think he’s perfect for the youngest member of ‘Flower Crew’. I’m looking forward to it. Fighting!

4. [+158, -8] The original story is solid, but it was adapted and the actor character was different, so it was interesting to watch it. Yesterday, if I was introduced to the character of actors, I’m looking forward to the full-fledged development from today. Now my Monday is so refreshing.

5. [+138, -6] I’m looking forward to seeing more Park Ji Hoon’s progress in the future!

6. [+37, -3] Park Ji Hoon is good at acting, too.

7. [+36, -4] Park Ji Hoon’s acting is so sweet and good. He started acting when he was young. So he’s good at acting.

8. [+26, -0] I heard that Park Ji Hoon was a child actor. His acting is better than expected. He is cute too. I hope ‘Flower Crew’ is fun.

9. [+24, -2] It’s so natural and lovely. It’s amazing.

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