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My favorite group

When they debuted on MCountdown, they thought they would get fired if they chat with each other in the waiting room. So they only talked to each other when the cameras were on.

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1. [+1463, -13] He’s going to get married due to a premarital pregnancy

2. [+684, -23] Our leader tore the clothes of the youngest member on stage

3. [+546, -23] He carries around his acorn bag wherever he goes

4. [+279, -9] He was deceived by the producer into becoming an idol

5. [+270, -22] He lost around 33 AirPods

6. [+216, -6] Before becoming a trainee, he got admitted to the acting department of Konkuk University through entrance exam

7. [+214, -6] His grandmother’s best friend owns a strawberry farm

8. [+189, -4] When our maknae eats ice cream, it sticks to his lips so he blows on ice cream before eating it

9. [+171, -4] He spent his New Year’s allowance on the game

10. [+150, -14] He usually sleeps late at night because of Youtube. He watched videos on how to cut watermelon in a beautiful wayㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So cute

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