BIGBANG’s Taeyang “the military made me look like this” … ‘Congratulations’ to CL for leaving YG

People want Taeyang to leave YG after his recent post
People want Taeyang to leave YG after his recent post

Taeyang recently surprised fans with photos of himself with a goatee along with the caption, “Mature Bae.”

CL commented, “No, this is not allowed!!!!!! Erase this immediately!”

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1. [+6104, -117] It’s unlikely that GD will leave Yang Hyun Suk while Taeyang could so please leave and release a new album

2. [+2771, -91] Hyung, hurry and escape

3. [+1746, -87] Can BIGBANG escape YG? Ever since BIGBANG left for the military, YG has been in deficit for the past two years… Yang Hyun Suk may have resigned as CEO of YG but he’s still the largest shareholder and owns the YG building, I don’t think he will let them leave easily…

4. [+1121, -40] He looks like a foreigner

5. [+624, -66] From ‘Young’ Bae to ‘Mature’ Bae.

6. [+274, -12] He’s the only member of BIGBANG who’s living a decent life, getting married and all. He deserves congratulations~ Why couldn’t the other members live like Taeyang?

7. [+241, -0] I didn’t realize it was a filter at first and I got surprised ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+187, -6] Taeyang, now that you’ve earned enough money, you need to leave the drugstore and pursue the music you want and live happily with Hyorin-ssi. Staying with YG is not loyalty.

9. [+188, -12] The fact that Taeyang still lives true to himself in a cave full of weird people means that he’s really just a decent person.

10. [+120, -8] I hope you live in a homely way, start a family with kids and go to church. You’ve made a lot of money already.

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