Performance time of singers at MMA 2020

Code Kunst, Simon Dominic, JANNABI – 4 minutes 5 seconds
IZ*ONE – 9 minutes 5 seconds
TXT – 12 minutes 43 seconds
Young Tak – 4 minutes 58 seconds
The Boyz – 4 minutes 37 seconds
Oh My Girl – 9 minutes 49 seconds
MONSTA X – 7 minutes 54 seconds
Lim Young Woong – 5 minutes 41 seconds
BTS – 17 minutes 11 seconds

original post: theqoo

1. I understand why BTS’s performance time is long, but what is TXT?

2. Big Hit again…

3. More than 12 minutes for TXT? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is ridiculous

4. I think there were about 25 minutes for BTS, 5 minutes for TXT, so there were 30 minutes for Big Hit,but I think Big Hit divided BTS’s time with TXT..

5. I guess MAMA will be Big Hit’s party tomorrow.. In the beginning, MAMA was known as YG’s party, then SM, and now Big Hit

6. 12 minutes for an unpopular rookie group.. MMA is crazy

7. If Big Hit gets 30 minutes and they have the right to distribute the time, why are you cursing at Big Hit?

8. Well, the BTS spoon is so good

9. 12 minutes for a group that didn’t even win any awards..??

10. Apart from Big Hit, there are not even any singers from the three major companies

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