I’m former April’s Hyunjoo’s little brother

“Hello, I am former April’s Hyunjoo-noona’s little brother. I wanted to say this for years, but I kept it to myself for her future. But I think it’s time for me to say it. My older sister supposedly left the group to pursue acting, but that’s not the truth. She was ostracized and bullied in the group, and she ended up getting anxiety and had breathing issues because she suffered so much. She even tried to commit suicide. When we think about that, my parents and I still hurt. My sister left the group, and her label sent her a letter that claimed she was leaving to pursue acting and told her to write it exactly. So my sister did that. We really know back then but we thought that was the right thing to do for our sister. But after my sister wrote that, she got so many hate comments saying she betrayed the group for her own benefit. She never got apologies from the members. When my mom went to the label, the members just laughed at her. My sister is still working hard. I kept it in because I didn’t want to hurt her image, but I can’t watch the members just pretend to have done nothing wrong. It’s so hard for me and I can’t imagine how my sister is feeling. I don’t want the members to be on TV anymore. I don’t want to remember them when I see them on TV and I don’t want to see my sister suffering anymore.” cr


original post: theqoo

1. I’ve also heard this rumor…

2. What… What’s going on?…. The entertainment industry is really a mess ㅜㅜㅜ

3. You talked to your sister and posted it, right?? I’m worried she isn’t ready to reveal herself yet, but her little brother posted it because he was angry

4. ????????????

5. She even tried to commit suicide… Like AOA, is the company crazy?

6. It’s different from what I know, but I have to listen to both sides

7. Isn’t it just a rumor…?


9. I was shocked because she even tried to commit suicide…

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