‘Idol Radio’ Photographer Mugunghwa Sonyeo “BTS Jimin, most handsome … put an umbrella over me”

Photographer talks about idol and action of BTS Jimin that she cann't forget

Mugunghwa Sonyeo is a photographer who is known for her fairy tale-like pictures. Some idols she worked with are Shinhwa, BTS’s Jimin and Jungkook, GOT7, Gain, Baek Yerin, Oh My Girl, and DreamCatcher.

The photographer took part in taking photos for BTS’s “Love Yourself” teaser posters and picked Jimin as the most handsome person she has ever taken a photo of. She mentioned, “It was raining, and the photography set was very hot. I won’t forget Jimin, who put an umbrella over me on that rainy day [while working].”

She also named BTS’s V and BTOB’s Peniel as the most talented idol photographers.


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1.[+358, -10] Jimin put an umbrella on her. I’m jealous. Jimin, thanks for your sweet gestures

2. [+296, -16] A BBC radio reporter in the U.K. picked Jimin as the most handsome person to interview in the members. #Jimin

3. [+236, -5] I also want to be an employee working with BTS Jimin.

4. [+163, -4] BTS Jimin

5. [+27, -1] It’s very meaningful that celebrities are recognized by photographers for their good looks.

6. [+21, -1] The more I saw BTS Jimin, the more handsome he looked. You know, he’s like a kid, and sometimes he’s hot, and he has a strange charm. Hmmm!

7. [+20, -2] There is an anecdote that the photographer was surprised to see Jimin when he was filming a magazine when he was 20 years old, they asked about his age, and then they said he was like Brad Pitt when he was young, so he is called Young Brad Pitt all the time.

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