Places where BTS lived in the past

In the early days of their debut, Exactly they borrowed the second floor

The early days

They used to use the 3rd floor of this building

The restaurant they usually visit in the early days

The only reason they often go to this restaurant because the building’s basement is a training room and they will go to a restaurant nearby after they have been exhausted.

Then, once in 2017, the agency moved to a new office.

The building they use is quite small compared to their reputation …

Their new building.
They are expected to move in May 2020. They will be using 7 basements and 19 floors on the ground.

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1.They have suffered a lot ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ

2. Their efforts paid off with current success.

3. Their current building is quite small compared to what they earn.

4. It’s interesting to see their success starting from such a terrible building.

5. Staff will have a hard time because they have to move often.

6. If you go to a good place, you’re happy to move.

7. Everything was terrible at first. It’s great for their success now.

8. A BTS new song about moving home is about to be released

9. I feel bad for them when I think about their debut days. Their efforts have created their success now.

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