A song in Kang Daniel’s new album sounds similar to Boycold’s song

Background sound is similar.

What do you think?

original post: theqoo

1. Boycold seems to have written that song from the same sound source as Kang Daniel’s song, right?

2. Free source or not? Or he bought it.

3. I think it is the same sound source.

4. This music was uploaded on June 14, a few months earlier than Boycold. Background music is the same, and it seems that Boycold and Kang Daniel use the same source.

5. No problem because it is a free source.

6. I’m sure Kang Daniel is feeling a bit empty because of this.

7. Does he put credit in the song description?

8. A famous singer like Kang Daniel also uses free source?

9. Why does he use free source for commercial album??

10. No, I don’t really feel embarrassed; What are the criteria for those who can and can’t have a free source in album? And both wrote songs from free source, but only Kang Daniel was criticized; That is contradictory.

11. So funny. Now I’m surprised that idols are using free sources.

12. I said it was plagiarism and is now a free source, so now I use it as background music as a free source of ads because ads also use many free sources. So, I decided not to pay for this album.

13. I think it’s exactly the same, but because it’s a free source, so I don’t care.

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