Hwang Jung Eum shows off her proud beauty at the set … Surprise birthday party

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1. [+7201, -162] I think she got surgery. I’m a fan ㅜ She was prettier before this.

2. [+3637, -102] I can’t recognize her. Who is she?

3. [+2704, -70] She was so pretty before ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+2244, -84] At this point, I think she sleeps with her eyes open..

5. [+2135, -72] Huk… Why did you do that? ㅠ ㅠ

6. [+1016, -17] I’m not trying to hate but she looks really weird..;;

7. [+674, -16] She’s looking more and more… like a plastic monster…. I think her beauty hit peak during ‘High Kick’.

8. [+648, -10] What’s wrong with her eyes? Why is everyone doing this to themselves?…. The Korean entertainment industry is in big trouble… Can plastic surgery clinics please learn some restraint?

9. [+465, -8] I’m sorry to hear that you’re ruining your pretty face.

10. [+421, -9] I know people who have cut the inner and outer corners of their eyes, brow lifts, botox… Their faces look like a mess but they really think they look pretty and post pictures on SNS. Please don’t cut the inner corners of your eyes, it makes you look weird..

11. [+389, -5] It’s shocking… Is the picture distorted? A totally different person.

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