Pledis’ statement regarding Seventeen Mingyu

“Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment.

We are making a statement on accusations that are being made online about Seventeen’s Mingyu’s school days. First, we apologize for not issuing a faster statement. After the accusations were made, we made detailed investigations, including confirming with Mingyu and checking facts that we needed. During that process, we confirmed that there were differences between what was stated and what really happened.

As there are a lot of situations with school bullying lately, our label believed that a thorough and definite check of the facts was necessary and we are currently checking every single detail. Our statement was delayed because of that.

As we stated earlier, we used various methods to contact the victims so we could confirm the truth. We are currently still contacting people and checking with various classmates and others to check what happened.

To tell you what we have found out so far, it is completely false that Mingyu bullied a disabled classmate. Mingyu remembered clearly who was being named as the victim, so after investigations, we were able to contact the classmate’s mother. After we checked, she confirmed that Mingyu and the classmate were friends. The classmate’s mother remembered the names of the actual bullies, and we confirmed that with her as well.

Currently, the classmate is doing well in society and they do not want their past to be known. Even with that, they confirmed the details for Mingyu.
Our label is currently still actively confirming the details of the other accusations. However, we are facing difficulties because it is hard to figure out who the exact poster is, and because many of the victims do not want to be contacted. We respect those who do not want to be contacted, and also will respect anyone who wants to meet with us any time to confirm the truth.
We believe that the victim in bullying situations must be respected. However, we also believed that we had to take the necessary steps to confirm the truth, including from the victim. Because the problematic accusations are from when Mingyu was in elementary and middle school, we believe that we have to get as close to the actual situation as possible to uncover the truth.

Mingyu is sincerely sorry to his fans that something like this even happened. He will be taking a break from promotions for the time being and is working hard to confirm all the details with the label. We also apologize for the concerns relating to our label artist.

This is not the last statement that we will be making about the situation. We will continuously check the facts and take action accordingly. However, we ask you to understand because the process is not an easy one.

It is most important to meet the victims and help them heal. Additionally, we cannot make the decision on our artist’s life so easily. If we check the truth and we find any wrongdoing, we will clearly take action.

We apologize once again for causing an inconvenience.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. He didn’t bully a disabled classmate, and they’ll check on other allegations, but I guess people don’t read the statement…

2. I’m waiting for the next statement. I think this statement was carefully and neatly written

3. They posted that he didn’t bully his disabled classmate, and they are contacting other victims.. Please read the post

4. But how many victims have been so far? I don’t know who

5. The statement looks neat

6. There are so many kids who only believe what they want to believeㅋㅋㅋㅋ Mingyu didn’t bully his disabled classmate, and other allegations are being confirmed, so they ask us to wait until they confirm the truth..

7. This is the most detailed and sincere statement to date

8. Pledis wrote it very neatly. They said they were sorry they couldn’t upload it quickly

9. Pledis’ statement seems the most sincere

10. Much better than the sloppy statements of other agencies

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