Police also conduct search and seizures at ‘Produce 48’ agencies for suspicions of vote manipulation

Police also conduct search and seizures at 'Produce 48' agencies

Police have also conducted search and seizures of “Produce 48” agencies.

In addition to conducting search and seizures of agencies that participated in “Produce X 101,” the latest “Produce” season, police also visited some agencies from “Produce 48.”

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1. [+2937, -93] X1 is actually still in the early days, so it’s okay. What the hell are you going to make up for the kids who should be members of IZ*ONE? Their lives have changed so much ㅋㅋ.. rubbish

2. [+1343, -261] I think the probability of vote manipulation is more than 80%.

3. [+1188, -154] I think Kim Chaewon and Jo Yuri are still in question…

4. [+1208, -335] Ahn Yujin, Jo Yuri, Kim Chaewon and Choi Yena

5. [+510, -31] Well, let’s get rid of it.

6. [+445, -26] Lee Ga Eun is 100% victim, and Kim Chaewon is 100% not in the top 12

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