Police ‘Jungkook’s car accident’ internal investigation -> Investigation for “gross negligence”

Police confirmed to have booked Jungkook for causing car accident

According to a representative from Seoul’s Yongsan Police Station on November 8, Jungkook was booked on charges of violating traffic law and violating the Act on Special Cases of Traffic Accidents.

The Yongsan Police representative curtly revealed that they can’t reveal much more details as the investigation is still ongoing, and that the idol may be summoned for questioning soon.

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1. [+376, -40] I’m glad you both didn’t get hurt much … Although he admitted his mistake and apologized, the violation of the Road Traffic Act was confirmed, so please follow the procedure and close it as soon as possible.

2. [+271, -40] The taxi driver must have submitted a medical certificate in accordance with the procedure. Jungkook admitted his mistake and apologized. He will comply with the investigation. Fans don’t need to shield him. It’s funny when you keep talking about shielding.

3. [+187, -26] The agreement was reached and the damage was minor, but the violation of the Road Traffic Act was confirmed, so he needs to be investigated. I hope it’ll be resolved and ended soon.

4. [+168, -47] Yoon Sang Geun never misses out

5. [+142, -22] Apparently, the accident on the five-lane road. Why are fans shielding?

6. [+47, -10] Because of a minor traffic accident due to his negligence, the taxi driver is being treated at the hospital. To be honest, posting game videos on the day of the accident looks bad. Anyway, even though it’s small, I’m not sure if he should’ve posted it on SNS even if he played the game.

7. [+52, -16] The scariest part is that Jungkook uploaded an Overwatch game video to Twitter after less than half a day of accident. If he had any feelings for his victims, he wouldn’t do it.

8. [+43, -9] That’s a police statement. Why are you swearing at the reporter?ㅋㅋ

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