Post by Chanyeol’s acquaintance on Instagram

“You were a friend who was greedy but also filled with ambition. We came to know each other through Baek H. and I thought you were a better person than I expected. But then I thought it would be best if I remained just friends with you when I heard the rumors about you and heard the way you talked. I think my gut feelings and thoughts were not wrong. The current situation is your karma. When was it? I told you you should be careful how you talk because the way you talked sometimes made me frown automatically. You probably don’t know what you said to me back then, but I remember clearly. You said that the people who like you will like you no matter how you are either way. I realized you don’t have even the minimum respect towards the people who like you, support you, and trust you. You talk about music but you only hand-sync (similar to lip-sync). You should admit you have no talent in music. You should also be aware that the people actually talented in music laugh at you when they see you. You would always say you’d kill anyone who hinders your music career. You probably never imagined my friend recorded you. You probably are so antsy you almost s**t your pants. You should self-reflect before blaming others and apologize to your friends for once. Do you think I would shield and protect you if you called me to tell me this and that? You know my personality. You should’ve been prepared to hear nothing good from me. You only try to shut people’s mouths first. You’re not there yet. C.Yeol, please wake up. Baek H. doesn’t even live like you…” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Disgusting…..

2. But there’s no evidence that she’s an acquaintance of Chanyeol

3. Well, Baekhyun is at least better than Chanyeol

4. Poor Baekhyun, why did you mention Baekhyun in the post?

5. I feel uncomfortable when she mentions another member’s name in the post like this, whether she has good or bad intentions ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. From the way she writes, I think she’s closer to Baekhyun than Chanyeol, but if this is true, Chanyeol is trashㅋㅋㅋ

7. The fact that she didn’t hide her identity makes the whole issue much more believable and SM is still very suspiciously quiet

8. I realize that Baekhyun is much more popular than Chanyeol, there are many comments about Baekhyun

9. I think that acquaintance is not very careful, she shouldn’t have mentioned Baekhyun but I think I know how Chanyeol lives..

10. EXO is a mess now

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