“Postpone military service until 30″… Defense Commission passes “Korean Wave Stars Special Military Service Act” law

original post: theqoo

1. But I don’t understand this… To be honest, I admit BTS should be postponed from military service, but the standard is that Korean wave stars are too vague…

2. I’m not a fan, but BTS should be postponed from military service

3. No, I don’t understand why we have to give priority to celebrities, I don’t really understand…

4. The standards are so vague, the standards need to be clear

5. If this passes, when will it be applied?? BTS Jin is about to enlist, right??

6. To be blunt that they use BTS as their shields, other celebrities can benefit from this law too, but BTS is the only one to be criticized

7. The standards are so vague, I swear I’m not a BTS fan, but I think BTS should be exempt from military service

8. Crazy, seriously, why did you do this to BTS?

9. Can’t we stop talking about BTS’ enlistment???

10. But what are the standards…? Billboard? It’s weird to use US charts as the standard…

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