Pre-orders for BTS’s new album by China ARMY

770,012 copies…ㄷㄷ

original post: theqoo

1. Only Chinese fans can do thisㅋㅋ Bangtan is popular all over the world.

2. Bangtan can’t even go to China.. In addition to pre-orders for album like that, they even buy albums by dividing the first week and the second week. Chinese fans are amazing..

3. V is so popular in Chinaㄷㄷ

4. Is V Baidu Bar with over 210,000 copies? I’m curious because I don’t know Chinese.. It’s great to know they have never promoted in China… Is it higher than EXO?


6. Individual fans seem to be competing with each other

7. Bangtan is really popular evenly throughout the world

8. Bangtan is amazingㅎㅎㅎ They will survive longer thanks to the popularity overseas.

9. And the only thing Bangtan does in China is to post on weibo? Really amazing

10. Over 770,000 copies… That’s why personal popularity is important.

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