Predicting BLACKPINK’s ranking on Billboard Hot 100


original post: theqoo

1. It’s much lower than I thought, ‘Kill This Love’ is #41, but it’s even lower than ‘Kill This Love’ㄷㄷ

2. Can they be in the top 20?

3. Why is it so low? I thought they would be in the top 10 or the top 20

4. I think their ranking will be higher, I expect them to be in the top 10

5. Korean singers on Billboard Hot 100 are BTS, BLACKPINK and PSY? Is there anyone else????

6. I’m a fan of another group, but I want them to rank higher than ‘Kill This Love “

7. It’s cool that there are Korean singers on the Billboard Hot 100, especially girl groupsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. This song is my favorite, so I hope the ranking will be higher

9. I think their ranking will be higher than that… but they will not be in the top 20

10. I hope that the ranking is higher than ‘Kill This Love’

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