PRISTIN Nayoung: “If there is an end, there is also a beginning … Please look forward to my new appearance”

PRISTIN Nayoung wrote a letter to fans after PRISTIN disbandment

Hello. This is Im Nayoung.

First, I apologize for having to greet you all with unfortunate news.

I want to thank ‘HIgh’ for always giving me strength during my activities, as well as everyone who has constantly supported and encouraged me. I won’t be able to greet you all as PRISTIN anymore, so I’m so sorry to ‘HIgh’ and everyone.

I left this nest called Pledis, where I’ve been since 2011, and am preparing for a fresh start. Thank you to the Pledis family for their unsparing support while I was in the agency. I won’t forget all the people who have supported me so far, and I will work harder to become an Im Nayoung who can grow one step further. Please support the PRISTIN members who have always been with me through happy and sad times as well.

Just as they say that if there’s an end, there’s also a beginning, PRISTIN has ended, but I’ll start anew as Im Nayoung and become a person who works hard to show you a good image.

Thank you.

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1.[+228, -7] I will always support you, Nayoung.

2. [+99, -6] Im Nayoung, I will always support you.

3. [+77, -4] I’m rooting for Nayoung.

4. [+72, -3] It’s been 2 years since I became a fan while watching Nayoung on Produce. I’ll cheer you on wherever you will start again. I hope you will be happier in the future as if I were happy thanks to you. I love you.

5. [+55, -0] I will always remember and support you! Let’s go back and walk on the flower path!

6. [+43, -0] Nayoung, I will cheer for you!

7. [+44, -4] We’re still there, so come back any time. I always cheer for you.

8. [+40, -0] Nayoung, who has always been a big help to her fans, When I was a fan of PRISTIN Nayoung, I was very happy. I’ll cheer you on Nayoung’s new start.

9. [+38, -2] Let’s walk on the flower path from now on. I’ll always cheer you.

10. [+33, -1] Nayoung, whatever way you go, I will always support you and be with you.

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