‘Produce 101 Japan’ is filming in Korea … debuting in February 2020

'Produce 101 Japan' is filming in Korea

The “Produce 101 Japan” trainees are currently filming at the Paju English Village, where the original Korean “Produce 101” series was filmed.

An 11-member group will be formed by votes from Japanese national producers with the goal of debuting in 2020.

The group will also appear on ‘KCON’ and ‘MAMA’.

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1. [+1278, -13] KCON is Korea. Why is Japan? And MAMA, too.. JYP also said that they will globalize Japanese idols. Why do you care about Japanese idols even if you don’t do your job well?

2. [+868, -7] I think CJ likes Japan so much.

3. [+774, -7] CJ doesn’t even even pay attention to Koreans’ opinions

4. [+326, -8] Why are we doing the Japanese version here? Get rid of all Japan trainees.

5. [+102, -2] Why is Japanese debut group coming to KCON and MAMA?

6. [+83, -0] What contribution has CJ made to K-pop? You take advantage of Korean idols for KCON and MAMA and promote Japan. How much have you received in Japan?

7. [+78, -0] CJ should be boycotted right now.

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