Produce Japan’s contestant who’s said to look like BTS’ Jin

Looking at the thumbnail, I think they look alike, but there were also a lot of comments saying that he looks like BTS’ Jin

original post: theqoo

1. They look alike but Jin is much more handsome

2. What??? At what point do they look alike?

3. I’m a muggle, but I don’t think he looks like Jin even when I look at the thumbnail

4. He looks like NU’EST’s JR

5. He has the vibe

6. But he completely doesn’t look like Jin in the video

7. He looks like Jin’s cousin

8. I think the face shape looks a bit similar, but the features are not..

9. Wow they look alike

10. But I think he looks more like Kenta than Seokjin, but he and Kenta are both Japanese..?

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