‘PRODUCE X 101’, 101 faces… who will be the second Kang Daniel?

PRODUCE X 101 released official poster, Netizens were angry about using Kang Dainel to media plays

The poster of ‘Produce X 101‘ released today (Thursday, April 18) attracted fans’ attention with all the images of 101 trainees who will compete to debut ‘Global Boy’ group.

On the other hand, MnetProduce X 101‘ will be broadcast at 11 pm on May 3

original post: naver

1.[+202, -9] There will never be the second Kang Daniel! Kang Daniel is unique!

2. [+154, -4] Who will be the second Kang Daniel? It is without conscience and absurdity. I don’t know what CJ is doing, but they are taking advantage of Kang Daniel to promote the show. There is no conscience or sincerity.

3. [+144, -2] I miss Kang Daniel

4. [+138, -0] CJ is clinging to the dreams of kids … The boys, please review it before signing.

5. [+111, -0] It is true that there is no conscience …

6. [+65, -1] I came because I see Kang Daniel in the title

7. [+58, -1] Don’t use Kang Daniel’s name anymore ~ Don’t you have conscience?