‘Produce X 101’ Group X battle begins … Ranking real-time #1 Kim Yo Han, #2 Kim Min Kyu

‘Produce X 101’ reveals rankings for episode 3

1. Kim Yo Han (OUI Entertainment)
2. Kim Min Kyu (Jellyfish Entertainment)
3. Lee Eun Sang (Brand New Music)
4. Song Hyeong Jun (Starship Entertainment)
5. Nam Do Hyon (MBK Entertainment)
6. Kim Woo Seok (TOP Media)
7. Son Dong Pyo (DSP Media)
8. Song Yu Vin (The Music Works)
9. Koo Jung Mo (Starship Entertainment)
10. Park Sun Ho (sidusHQ)
11. Cha Jun Ho (Woollim Entertainment)
12. Ham Won Jin (Starship Entertainment)
13. Lee Se Jin (iME Korea)
14. Lee Jin Woo (Maroo Entertainment)
15. Kim Kook Heon (The Music Works)
16. Lee Eugene (Individual Trainee)
17. Kim Dong Bin (MLD Entertainment)
18. Kang Min Hee (Starship Entertainment)
19. Kim Si Hun (Brand New Music)
20. Choi Byung Chan (Plan A Entertainment)
21. Tony (HONGYI Entertainment)
22. Hwang Yun Seong (Woollim Entertainment)
23. Yun Jung Hwan (Brand New Music)
24. Choi Su Hwan (Individual Trainee)
25. Han Gi Chan (Fantagio)
26. Kim Dong Yun (Woollim Entertainment)
27. Yuri (ESteem)
28. Lee Han Gyul (MBK Entertainment)
29. Kim Hyeon Bin (Source Music)
30. Keum Dong Hyun (C9 Entertainment)
31. Wei Zi Yue (HONGYI Entertainment)
32. Lee Jin Hyuk (TOP Media)
33. Hong Seong Jun (Brand New Music)
34. Han Seung Woo (Plan A Entertainment)
35. Kang Seok Hwa (Individual Trainee)
36. Lee Mi Dam (AAP.Y)
37. Joo Chang Uk (Woollim Entertainment)
38. Cho Seung Youn (Yuehua Entertainment)
39. Kim Sung Hyun (Stone Music Entertainment)
40. Choi Jun Seong (Jellyfish Entertainment)
41. Moon Hyun Bin (Starship Entertainment)
42. Baek Jin (Vine Entertainment)
43. Lee Won Jun (E Entertainment)
44. Moon Jun Ho (Woollim Entertainment)
45. Nam Dong Hyun (The South)
46. Wang Jyun Hao (YG Entertainment)
47. Lee Tae Seung (Maroo Entertainment)
48. Kim Min Seo (Woollim Entertainment)
49. Park Yun Sol (NEST Management)
50. Gwon Hui Jun (Cre.ker Entertainment)
51. Peak (Chandelier Music)
52. Lee Hyeop (Individual Trainee)
53. Hidaka Mahiro (YG Entertainment)
54. Lee Woo Jin (Maroo Entertainment)
55. Woo Je Won (Around Us Entertainment)
56. Kim Sung Yeon (Individual Trainee)
57. Won Hyuk (E Entertainment)
58. Kim Yeong Sang (MBK Entertainment)
59. Jeong Jae Hun (Around US Entertainment)
60. Lee Hwan (DSP Media)
61. Anzardi Timothee (ESteem)
62. Jung Young Bin (Individual Trainee)
63. Jeon Hyun Woo (ASTORY Entertainment)
64. Oh Sae Bom (NEST Management)
65. Kim Jin Gon (ESteem)
66. Kwon Tae Eun (Aconic)
67. Lee Ha Min (Individual Trainee)
68. Yoo Geun Min (Million Market)
69. Kang Hyeon Su (AAP.Y)
70. Byeon Seong Tae (Urban Works)
71. Jung Myung Hoon (AAP.Y)
72. Tsai Chia Hao (Source Music)
73. Park Jin Yeol (Individual Trainee)
74. Choi Si Hyuk (Around US Entertainment)
75. Lee Jun Hyuk (DSP Media)
76. Won Hyun Sik (Happyface Entertainment)
77. Hwang Geum Ryul (Yuehua Entertainment)
78. Song Chang Ha (Kiwi Media Group)
79. Steven Kim (DS Entertainment)
80. Kim Kwan Woo (Krazy Entertainment)
81. Choi Jin Hwa (WUZO Entertainment)
82. Uehara Jun (JH1 Entertainment)
83. Kim Seung Hwan (ESteem)
84. Kim Dong Kyu (Urban Works)
85. Park Sion (PLASMA Entertainment)
86. Lee Gyu Hyung (WM Entertainment)
87. Kim Jun Jae (Think About Entertainment)
88. Hong Sung Hyen (Urban Works)
89. Kim Hyeong Min (Kiwi Media Group)
90. Yun Hyun Jo (Gost Agency)
91. Lee Jae Bin (C9 Entertainment)
92. Sung Min Seo (SF Entertainment)
93. Heo Jin Ho (ASTORY Entertainment)
94. Kim Min Seo (Urban Works)
95. Yu Seong Jun (Yuehua Entertainment)
96. Lee Sang Ho (Gost Agency)
97. Choi Byung Hoon (Enfant Terrible Company)
98. Lim Da Hun (Kiwi Media Group)
99. Yoon Min Gook (Source Music)


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1.[+1817, -67] Kim Yo Han seems to have already made his debut.

2. [+1640, -19] I think the makeup team should win. The makeup team. All of a sudden, a lot of handsome guys show up.

3. [+1036, -63] What’s wrong with Kim Hyeon Bin? If the team can’t catch up, I think it’s right to lead them like that way … I hope you and Kim Woo Seok will do the best to debut.

4. [+825, -67] Cho Seung Youn is a fraud.

5. [+623, -51] Kim Woo Seok, you’re crazy. Just wait for your direct cam.

6. [+340, -17] Kim Woo Seok is great and Kim Yo Han is amazing whenever he gets a screen. Handsome, born to be a celebrity.

7. [+316, -9] Kim Woo Seok looks like he is the only person using snow effects. He has a small face, but his eyes look so pretty. It feels like he’s become an idol. He’s good on stage.

8. [+317, -26] Let’s start with Kim Yo Han, Kim Min Kyu, Kim Woo Seok. I think no one can dispute them.

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