“Produce X 101” Ranked #1 is Kim Min Gyu … “Effort to match the crown”

'Produce X 101' reveals the first ranking for episode 1

In Produce X 101, aired on the afternoon of May 10, the results of the first vote of national producers were announced.

The result, ranked #1 is Kim Min Gyu, #2 is Koo Jung Mo and #3 is Kim Yo Han.

Kim Min Gyu showed modesty, stating, “I don’t think I deserve #1 yet. But I will do my best to be fit for the crown the ‘Nation’s Producers’ have given me.”

#4 Cha Jun Ho
#5 Kim Woo Seok
#6 Son Dong Pyo
#7 Lee Eugene
#8 Lee Se Jin
#9 Song Hyeong Jun
#10 Lee Jin Woo

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1.[+782, -17] I think no one deserves to win first place.

2. [+693, -12] Honestly, no one deserves the first place

3. [+415, -25] Kim Yo Han fighting

4. [+371, -12] Kim Min Gyu is handsome. He looks good. I feel sad for the last ranked person.

5. [+83, -1] Why does no one have a masculine style this time?

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