‘Produce X 101’ trainees seem to have the highest chance of debut

Kim Yohan
He ranked A, his fans are increasing, he ranked 3rd in the search rankings in ep 1, his fancam views are increasing

Kim Mingyu
He is one of the most handsome people, his fans are increasing because of his ending moment, he is 1st in the search rankings in ep1

Gu Jungmo
He ranked 2nd in the most handsome top10, he ranked 2nd in the search rankings in ep1

Cha Junho
He started getting recognized because he looked like Infinite’s L before the show aired, his first contest was not bad.

Lee Eunsang
He has the best response among 4 BrandNew trainees, his real-time search rankings are a bit low but there is no other option that can compete with him at this time.

Nam Dohyun
His rap skills are very good, he has a cute face and his fans are increasing

Son Dongpyo
He received mixed reactions but his first evaluation was very good, the PDs were pushing him, he would debut as long as he didn’t bother

Song Hyungjoon
He dances very good, he has a lot of potential to improve, his first competition is also very good

Ham Wonjin
Honestly, his position is very vague, If PD gives him time, he may be attractive to his charm, he has good chemistry with Song Hyungjoon

Kim Hyunbin
He looks like John Park, his contest is legendary, his skills are not bad

Kim Wooseok
He has controversy but his fans are very loyal, so I feel like he will debut, his first contest is very good.

One of them may fail but they are the ones with the highest ability to debut

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1.[+349, -23] No but why did the PD push Son Dongpyo so much? Do they like that style? I don’t like it

2. [+159, -88] Song Hyungjoon, he’s not cute

3. [+156, -39] Gu Jungmo, he’s the visual in Produce X 101 right now?

4. [+107, -2] Kim Yohan will definitely be debuted, he is handsome and tall. He is not perfect yet but his sense of singing and dancing is very good. I feel like even if Woollim debuted the kids now, they will do well. I feel bad if the members are separated because of the program.

5. [+103, -10] Son Dongpyo is so-so…

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