Yoon Seo Bin, the truth of violence? “When he was in school, he drank and smoked but violence was NO”

Yoon Seo Bin's teacher said that he drank and smoked but school violence was not.

Seo Yoon Bin teacher said “Yoon Seo Bin used to use alcohol and tobacco, but he was never involved in school violence.”

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1.[+243, -61] He’s wrong about drinking and smoking, but it’s not too much of a leap to associate that with academic background, is it? I don’t even think it’s a teacher.

2. [+169, -42] There was a rumor going on about the madman story and the news and the school bully, and then the controversy got stuck in the actual prosecutor’s office. I’m sorry to hear that.

3. [+103, -26] Keep posting articles, but I don’t believe anyone; I’m so sorry. If school violence is real, it’s a crime, and there’s no teacher to cover up those criminals.

4. [+100, -28] Stop ruining other people’s lives when you don’t have concrete evidence.

5. [+77, -23] I mean, he’s a criminal, but he’s a school bully or something.

6. [+47, -3] He’s just drinking and smoking. That’s why JYP let him go.

7. [+49, -6] Are you a teacher? He drank and smoked. No violence? Can you be sure about that? Not that you live with him 24 hours. Don’t be ridiculous.

8. [+42, -5] School violence committees have never been held, so they have not used violence? It’s ridiculous/ There are far more cases where school violence committees don’t open even after school. You’re saying it’s evidence that you’re not even funny?

9. [+41, -4] When you tease someone else, and then you ask them why, they say it was a joke.

10. [+39, -4] If it wasn’t for that, JYP would have sued first for defamation. Why terminate the contract? Since the first time, I thought it wasn’t because he didn’t use violence and alcohol.

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