Produce X 101’s viewers rating since Ep1

Produce X 101's viewers rating

Top to bottom: Ep.1 -> Ep.12
Left to right: S1 -> S4

EP.7 yesterday was 2,019%

original post: theqoo

1.The worst season in Produce’s history

2. I went to bed yesterday …

3. I tried to watch it, but this season is so bad. They have no talent, they cry all the time and they complain ..

4. It’s even lower than Produce 48.

5. Famous children have no skills, but they are the only ones to air.

6. They increased the broadcast time a lot, but the ratings didn’t increase.

7. No skills, no attraction, so bad

8. They don’t have skills, their stages are boring, I don’t expect them and they are not charming … I understand that they are still trainees but they plan to debut through a program with that skill …?

9. I don’t know who it is, but I hope they have more editing skills.

10. They seriously failed this season

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