‘Produce X101’ production team “Sorry about the synthesis of votes .. ranking unchanged”

'Produce X101' apologizes for synthesizing votes + ranking unchanged

“The “Produce X 101” staff in charge of calculating the votes during the live show validated the rankings via multiple methods by recording the rankings based on vote counts and also calculating based on the percentage of each trainee’s votes. However, in the process of validating the rankings, this staff rounded the vote percentages up to two decimal places, and the vote counts that were converted from the vote percentages were relayed to the live show.

We once again confirm that there were no changes in the rankings in this process.

We once again apologize to all of the national producers who supported and voted for “Produce X 101” and also to the trainees and related parties.”


original post: naver

1. [+2785, -169] They are evil. They can’t explain this.

2. [+1840, -124] You mean, that’s your fault, refund all the money we’ve spent on votes

3. [+1645, -112] I don’t believe that. I just want you to reveal all the data of the vote.

4. [+742, -68] If you’re honest, make it clear.

5. [+261, -27] Are they such idiots? If you round it, you can get a vote difference? Why can’t you show us your data?

6. [+194, -11] If you press an Excel button, you can reduce the number of votes and announce your debut. Why are you doing that when you check the number of votes you get?

7. [+185, -30] Oh, so there’s a problem, but the ranking is right, so you want me to stop? Huh. I’m more suspicious of explanations. I really need to dig it up!

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