#Protect_EXO vs #KimJomgDae_Quit

#Protect_EXO vs #KimJomgDae_Quit



original post: theqoo

1. If he thinks for EXO, he should leave.

2. He must leave to protect EXO

3. If he wants to protect EXO, he must leave.

4. If I were a fan, I didn’t want to spend money on him..

5. It’s so funny how people think that to protect EXO means to keep Chenㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ We can only protect EXO if he leaves

6. Please leave EXO and solo, please …

7. I’m also a fan… I’ll congratulate him, but I don’t think he should stay in the group…

8. He’s not EXO anymore.. since he wants to have his own family, can he just quit already?

9. He must leave to protect EXO. Just leave the group and live as he wants;

10. If you support this, other members can follow the same process..

11. So when can an idol get married?

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