Queendom’s ratings are severe

Queendom's ratings are severe

EP1 (8/29) 0.5
EP2 (9/6) 0.5
EP3 (9/13) 1.0
EP4 (9/20) 0.8

original post: theqoo

1. It’s like the general trend.. Like everyone around me, I watch a lot of clips on Youtube. I didn’t watch the main broadcast, I just watched it on Youtube.

2. I didn’t even watch the show, I watched the group’s stage on YouTube

3. In fact, there’s no reason to watch the whole show … The group stage is the most important thing of the show.

4. It’s Mnet so I don’t think viewer ratings are bad for them.

5. This is the show that you just watch the stage

6. I didn’t watch the broadcast. I just watched the full version of the stageㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. It’s okay because the stage videos always get good response on Youtube and Naver TV

8. But this is the generation of people watching the show on phones, laptops with Youtube and Naver TV, not TV. The production team knows better, so don’t worry.

9. Idol culture is mainly on SNS, I think it’s more popular on the Internet.

10. Mnet will not be in deficit even with Queendom’s low ratings. Today, broadcasts get revenue on multiple platforms even if they don’t have high ratings.

11. Isn’t currently Mnet’s Queendom the hottest in the online community?ㅋㅋ This shows how meaningless TV ratings are

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