Ranking of girl group tours

Ranking of girl group tours

original post: theqoo

1. SNSD and KARA are also great

2. TWICE is daebak

3. KARA is surprisingly famous.

4. TWICE’s tour has 220K people with only 5 shows, it’s great

5. The power of dome tours is huge. TWICE is great.

6. It’s great that BLACKPINK is ranked #1

7. BLACKPINK has a lot of concerts during their tour, But the number of people attending each concert is low.

8. BLACKPINK ..???????? BLACKPINK concerts are small

9. 220K, TWICE only 5 concerts? I’m crazy

10. Honestly, if you look at the rankings, I think TWICE should be ranked #1, TWICE is the most popular girl group currently.

11. BLACKPINK really has a lot of concerts. YG is trying to make money without caring about the health of BLACKPINK members.