Ranking of the highest paid K-Pop idols on YouTube

1 BTS $16.5M USD
3 NCT Dream $1.9M USD
4 Seventeen $1.7M USD
5 BamBam $1.5M USD
7 EXO $1.5M USD
8 IU $1.4M USD
9 Aespa $1.2M USD
10 TXT $980K USD

original post: pann

1. [+250, -35] I thought Stray Kids was known for their high views on YouTube, where are they?

2. [+242, -44] NCT Dream didn’t even debut abroad.. I’m so proud of them

3. [+242, -16] BTS ranked 3rd in the world

4. [+117, -6] Those are the real views subtracting the promotions from the company. Forbes is still the most authoritative and accurate organization in the world, but there are still kids who say the rankings aren’t accurate just because their idols aren’t there

5. [+98, -17] Seriously, BLACKPINK is crazy… BLACKPINK doesn’t even have their own content or group comeback and only Rosé and Lisa solos but they achieved it, they’re amazing