Ranking of Youtube Kpop videos’ stars in 24 hours

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1.[+124, -4] The ones who have an ‘X’ next to their promos are the dopest

2. [+103, -0] I am an Army and because YouTube freezes views, the actual views are much more than that. Even Billboard said that the views are not clear and it must be 4600 + alpha. Therefore, it is true that BLACKPINK should be second in that case. It’s hard to know how much “alpha” is, but anyway, we don’t care who is the 2nd person so let’s not drag anyone here.

3. [+98, -0] But BigHit’s new group doesn’t even advertise ㅋㅋ they’re pretty solid ㅋ

4. [+28, -0] Once just reached 90 million, youtube has deducted 10 million… damn

5. [+26, -6] Looks like they had f*cking no promos tsk tsk do you want to buy views? Embarrassing ㅋㅋ

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