Official statement regarding Mamamoo’s contract renewal

On January 22, RBW Entertainment released an official statement regarding the renewal of the MAMAMOO members’ exclusive contracts with the agency.

RBW announced on this day, “We are currently in the process of seriously discussing the renewal of our exclusive contracts with the members, with our mutual trust in mind. There is still a lot of time left in the current contract period, but we hoped to provide the members with sufficient time to reflect on ponder deeply on this matter as they have put their trust in us for a long time, and so we began the discussion early on. However, recently, there have been numerous rumors and inquiries about the issue, and so we have decided to release this statement.”

The agency continued, “As of now, members Solar and Moon Byul have already completed their contract renewals based on our mutual trust and expectations. Members Whee In and Hwa Sa have also exchanged positive opinions on the matter. We anticipate good outcomes, as each of the members have great affection and pride toward MAMAMOO.” cr

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1. ???? Well, not all members renew their contracts, but they posted an article like this

2. Hwasa seems to have a lot of calls from other agencies

3. Hwasa should go to a better agency!!!

4. That means the other two are lacking trust and expectation in the companyㅋㅋㅋ Are you putting pressure on them with this article?

5. What are you doing with Wheein and Hwasa???????

6. Hwasa, to be honest, she can go to any agency she wants

7. It’s a waste to be there…

8. No, why are you revealing this?

9. To be honest, it would be a waste for Hwasa to be at that agency

10. No, why are you posting articles like this???

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