BTS, appears on ABC ‘Good Morning America Summer Concert Series’ … Great stage first day

React to BTS performance on 'Good Morning America'

BTS performed ‘Boy With Luv‘ in the screams of 5,000 fans who gathered to watch the performance.

The perfect live performance and the stage behavior that the BTS boys showed, the fans shouted for all the songs during the performance.

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1.[+550, -1] Thank you for watching BTS’ performance! It’s so popular!

2. [+304, -2] As expected, BTS is always great every time they appear. Stay healthy

3. [+157, -1] It is true that BTS is always so great.

4. [+98, -0] Amazing!!! The Kings Slaying!!!!

5. [+44, -0] It would be better to fix the camera to the front. The fans were responding to the blast, and ‘Fire’ has also appeared. It was raining for three days to a week, but there were a lot of fans waiting in line. The fans are so passionate.

6. [+31, -1] I thought the venue was a concert hall because of the throngs and cheering of American fans. Proud BTS, lovely Jimin.

7. [+24, -0] Not only mention the songs and performances of BTS, but also the fan service and interviews. Please plant a ‘Fire’ in every room of Michigan. Take good care of your health. I hope you get back from your tour.

8. [+22, -0] Americans are not good at playing Korean. Kim Nam-sook, Kim Seok-jun, Ming-Young-gi… So cute.

9. [+17, -1] I watched the streaming so well yesterday. It’s the best live show ever since early in the morning!

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