Reaction when fans say hello to GOT7 Jackson in Europe

Fan: hello (in Korean)
Jackson: I’m Chinese, okay?

Surprisingly, Korean idol with Hong Kong nationality

original post: theqoo

1. Hey, come to your country and make money

2. Whether you are Chinese or American, you don’t have any courtesy to say so.

3. Hull, even if you are Chinese, are you a singer in Korea? If fans say hello in Korean, why don’t you answer in Korean instead of saying you are Chinese.

4. Money is scary …

5. If this video spreads to China, he will be considered a patriotic hero. Korea is just a bridge for his activities in China

6. If you can’t say anything in Korean, why do you become a Kpop idol?

7. How does a person suddenly change like that?

8. Jackson, why did you change like this?

9. He debuted in Korea and lived as a Kpop idol ㅋㅋ How does a person change like this?

10. Why don’t you answer in Korean? You are not a Korean idol?

11. Wow .. Jackson .. Just say hello in Korean. ;;; so shameful

12. Jackson, just leave without saying anything.

13. Damned … Don’t make money in Korea.

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