Reasons for canceling CLC’s ‘La Vie En Rose’ comeback are still unknown

CLC finished recording ‘La Vie En Rose’ and practiced choreography
The members even spoiled their comeback with the roses

But they couldn’t release it and they had to give the song to another girl group

original post: theqoo

1. It’s a pity that CLC’s version is better than IZ*ONE’s version

2. Only CLC is pitiful

3. I like CLC’s version better. What a shame

4. I’m not a fan of either group, but I feel claustrophobic in the comments

5. I heard it was due to a contract dispute. Just Cube being dumb as usual

6. IZ*ONE has disbanded, but the antis are still alive

7. To be honest, I think this song would have been buried if IZ*ONE didn’t release it

8. I’ve never seen a comeback falling through after the spoilers

9. I doubt that CLC’s version would have done as well as IZ*ONE’s version

10. Oh, I like both versions, but CLC’s version has a stronger feel

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