Recession of girl groups 2019


They are the girl group with the best rankings this year.
The number of unique listeners is 500,000, but good rankings
However, recently released ICY is not good


TWICE, BLACKPINK, Mamamoo are 6 ~ 700,000
If you think about groups with 900,000 unique listeners last year,
At least the number of unique listeners has decreased by one third

Red Velvet

Zimzalabim has 500,000 unique listeners, but the trend is not good.
The songs released yesterday are outside the third place, so the number of unique listeners can’t be viewed.

GFriend, Oh My Girl, (G) I-DLE
These groups are also worse than last year.

original post: theqoo

1. This year’s boy groups also seems to lose energy in the music charts except BTS

2. The machine messes up music charts …

3. Oh My Girl is not good this year? I think they are the best girl group this year.

4. What does the number of unique listeners mean in this situation?

5. I feel Oh My Girl is the best this year

6. Not only girl group but also idol music market

7. You just look at the music charts and you say the music of the girl groups is degrading … You must see SNS’ influence like Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter

8. Not only Oh My Girl but Cosmic Girls are also doing well this year.

9. I think the music charts were broken by the machine.

10. As if the idol market began to decline