Groups where all the members are popular on their own


Music Bank MC, Landry Day MC
Damiani muse
Clinique ambassador
CFs for Chamisul, Ivy Club, Colombiana Coffee, ABC Mart Nuovo, Ring: Age of Ring, Hyundai car, HAZZYs Accessory, Lemona, Eider, Dongwon Yangban-juk, Damiani, Clinique

Converse Korea ambassador
‘Idol Drama Operation Team’ appearance
Collab with Moonbyul and Zion.T
SM Station with SinB, Chungha and Soyeon

Collab with John Legend
‘Problematic Men’ appearance
The Beauty Inside OST ‘Good Bye’
Most recent activities: The King OST ‘My Day is Full of You’ and Dongwon Yangban-juk

‘Sugar Man 2’ MC
We Got Married, Pajama Friends, Get It Beauty appearance
Drama appearance (The Liar and His Lover, Tempted)
CFs for Fitz, Espoir, Aveda

One of the first members to release their self produced songs through SM Station
‘Music Core’ MC
Colette muse
Web-variety Yeri’s Room MC

‘SBS Inkigayo’ MC
Dior Beauty local ambassador
Cameo in Producer, Arthdal Chronicles
Made a buzz with appearance in Arthdal Chronicles
CF for Mascara Kiss Me

‘Village Survival, the Eight’ appearance
Chanel Korea Beauty muse, Chanel global ambassador (Chanel House ambassador)
CFs for HERA, Galaxy S20+, Calvin Klein Jeans, Gentle Monster, Air Baked
First member who had a solo album ‘SOLO’

Yves Saint Laurent 2020 F/W campaign model
CF for Mascara Kiss Me
Year end stages appearance (10cm x Jihyo x Chanyeol, Yook Sungjae x Jihyo x Yuju x Kim Jaehwan)

Celine muse
Prada muse
‘Real Men’ appearance
‘Youth With You – Season 2’ dance mentor
CFs for Moonshot, Thai mobile operator, RPG game

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1. [+186, -25] Overall, they all have high public recognition but for this generation, I think Irene, Jennie and Hwasa are the top three when it comes to creating buzz

2. [+119, -19] You should’ve written more for Irene. She has more personal activities. She gets hate for her proportions

3. [+114, -66] Irene, Joy and Jennie are the top 3 muggle picks

4. [+43, -6] Irene and Jennie have the most personal CFs

5. [+40, -1] There are a lot of fans who like both Red Velvet and BLACKPINK. And I don’t think that the relationship between the fans are bad. I like both groups

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