Red Velvet’s encore today;;

They swallowed the CD; I know that Seulgi sings well, but Irene is good at digesting her parts and she sings well too.

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1. [+274, -36] Seulgi has always been famous for her many talents so I’m not surprised, but Irene’s vocals were bashed on for no reason.. She sang the highlight part perfectly, which speaks of her talent..

2. [+263, -24] 3:24 or 3:20, the part where Seulgi ad-libs and Irene sings the highlight part by herself sounded very strongㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They’re literally insane..

3. [+207, -22] I watched Red Velvet’s encore stages recently and and their encore stages are always good. I want them to be guests on You Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook and sing live there.. They’re singers who are good at singing live

4. [+119, -5] Red Velvet is good at singing live.. A lot of people mistakenly think Irene can’t sing but Irene has always been good at her live performances and always sang the chorus

5. [+89, -5] Isn’t this just the digital release? There’s literally no difference at all and Irene looks so pretty with blonde hair

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