Red Velvet is really amazing

Red Velvet is really amazing

They’re one of the only groups who have no dating scandals exposed. They’re also one of the oldest group in the newer generation…

I wonder if it’s because they’re not dating, or is SM burying it down? Do they have good rumors around them?

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1. [+335, -11] That’s why the moment it comes out, they will receive all the swear words… They have nothing exposed yet, and it’s really amazing. Especially someone like Irene, she has a lot of influence so there will be a lot of articles about her.

2. [+273, -14] The rumors about SM burying down for Red Velvet is bullsh*t. They’re probably just dating quietly or just homebodies.

3. [+174, -34] Last time, Red Velvet said that they like just gathering between themselves and they find it most comfortable

4. [+114, -4] All 5 members respect the team so much, so in order to not get in the way of each other, they’re just working the hardest they can so they’re probably being very cautious about it.To be honest, if idols have been promoting for a long time, isn’t it okay for them to date??… If my bias were dating, I think that I would support them if they were dating Red Velvet and they’re the first ones that come to mind. It’s good that they can support each other

5. [+108, -4] Red Velvet is really cautious with their actions. They never reveal their own opinions on their Instagram and if you just look at the way they drive, aside from Seulgi, no one owns a car. People only bash them for small things, but there’s nothing controversial about them.

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