Personally, I feel like Red Velvet is the most regrettable group

Red Velvet is the most regrettable group in Kpop

They have no visual holes. Joy and Irene have a lot of male fans, and Seulgi is the type to attract female fans

The problem is that their company are trying too many weird concepts on them. Their songs are also always regrettable

They have kids with good visuals and just to give them songs like Zimzalabim and Power Up. I want to hear songs like Peekaboo, Ice Cream Cake and Red Flavor again….

SM is a bit dumb.

The boys around me said that they lost their minds when Zimzalabim came out

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1. [+259, -11] Joy has more female fans, Seulgi unexpectedly has a lot of male fans

2. [+245, -114] All thanks to SM, and besides, they are doing well, so what are you saying? ㅋㅋㅋ People even call them regrettable

3. [+166, -113] Honestly, there are no other female idols who have many good b-side tracks like Red Velvet

4. [+110, -53] You say Wendy’s face is average??? There are so many times she made me gasp because she is so pretty … All the faces of Red Velvet members are above average when it comes to female idols.

Red Velvet is the most regrettable group in Kpop

5. [+55, -2] The songs are good for me but the public doesn’t listen .. Honestly, I’m also a fan and I listen to Sunny Side Up more than Zimzalabim.

6. [+54, -12] ..?

Red Velvet is the most regrettable group in Kpop

7. [+54, -33] Their visuals have no one but Irene..?

8. [+51, -19] They can’t dance among girl groups..

9. [+51, -2] There are many male fans who love Seulgi…

10. [+26, -0] Please give me an album like Perfect Velvet ㅠㅠ At that time, the quality of the album was the best … The songs were the best.

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