What’s with Joy’s outfit…..?

Red Velvet Joy's outfit is too dangerous

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1.No, what is this …

2. And Red Velvet’s coordi should leave this industry, please

3. It looks too dangerous …

4. When dancing the shirt can be torn … too dangerous

5. No, but it’s not really beautiful … Joy is so pretty, but her clothes are not beautiful … How does she wear that?

6. What is it? Is that a outfit? .. Coordi, what are you doing ^^ !!!! Really angry

7. Red Velvet’s coordi get criticized a lot, I wonder why SM still hasn’t changed them yet…

8. I think Red Velvet’s coordi doesn’t seem to have any affection for their work

9. This outfit looks very uncomfortable to dance … She’s going to be in huge trouble if it gets unhooked mid-stage…

10. What is going on with her outfit … I think it will explode if she moves a little stronger ..

11. She is not a ballad singer, but coordi doesn’t know what to do with her outfit. What should she do if she moves and the shirt is torn? ?????????????????? Why ??????

12. By the way, don’t you know how important the coordi is to girls idols? Every time I go to the site, they get harassed, but there is no end. SM should sack Red Velvet’s coordi.

13. No, if it is torn, is it okay? It seems that coordi doesn’t really think about it

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