Red Velvet, Irene’s controversy → Official video released… Netizens “All 5 are shining” vs “I’m dumbfounded”

On November 5th, the girl group Red Velvet released a season greetings video on YouTube.

In the video titled “2021 Red Velvet SEASON’S GREETINGS Teaser”, the members of Red Velvet look stunning as they pose all in white. Each member radiated their beauty and their individual charms as they posed in front of the camera.

Netizens praised the group for their outstanding visuals, commenting, “They’re gorgeous,” “I’m glad Wendy looks healthy,” and “All five of them shine.” However, other netizens could not help but to express their dissatisfaction. They commented, “I feel bad for the rest of the members, but does she need to appear?”, “Look how she subtly makes an appearance,” “She’s so brazen,” and “This is ridiculous.”

This is the group’s first official appearance after the attitude controversy in which a stylist exposed Irene’s rude actions and verbal abuse. After the controversy heightened, it was revealed that Red Velvet’s Irene was the individual in the stylist’s post. cr

original post: theqoo

1. Irene’s image looks scary

2. The other members didn’t do anything wrong… SM is crazy

3. Please save the other members… Please make a comeback with the 4 members

4. Irene-ah, please leave SM

5. Has she apologized to her members yet?

6. I think it’s fine, anyway this is for fans only…

7. I guess SM doesn’t care about her controversy

8. “All 5 are shining” -> Was it Irene’s comment? 🙄

9. After all, SM is the best agency for celebritiesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. I hope she reflects a lot and shows a good image in the future

11. I’m glad Wendy looks fine. I hope she takes good care of herself and I want to quickly see her on stage

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