Red Velvet Seulgi’s charming autumn-winter clothes collection

original post: theqoo

1. I love Seulgi and I love Seulgi’s fashion so much

2. I dedicate a folder in my phone to save photos of Seulgi’s outfits … She looks so cool and classy

3. She has a good shape and dress well

4. She dresses casual but looks so good

5. She knows how to dress … Her body proportion is great

6. It’s interesting to seeㅋㅋI want to try her style

7. Good body proportion so Seulgi looks good no matter what she wears

8. It’s casual clothes so I think she chose her own clothes

9. I like shirts and coatsㅋㅋHer street fashion also looks good

10. Seulgi looks great, I envy her fashion styleㅠㅠ

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