The girl group’s worst outfit this year?


Red Velvet


original post: theqoo

1. Red Velvet >>> TWICE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ITZY

2. Of course, Red Velvet’s outfit is the worst…

3. No one can beat Red Velvet, their outfit is the worst

4. TWICE’s outfits look good on stage, and the members are all pretty…

5. Red Velvet’s outfit is so bad, but I really wonder why are their outfits like that? It’s strange to the public, but the coordi doesn’t seem to care … I think Red Velvet’s coordi is the worst

6. Wendy’s outfit is really legendary. What did the coordi do with Wendy?

7. Of course, it’s Red Velvet, but TWICE looks so pretty

8. Red Velvet .. especially Wendy.

9. TWICE was pretty when I saw them on stage with those outfits

10. I can’t forget Red Velvet’s green clothes. Why did the coordi do this to pretty kids?

11. Red Velvet … Isn’t TWICE okay with that outfit?

12. Why are the outfits of JYP girl groups getting worse? I really don’t like ITZY’s outfit

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