Red Velvet Wendy’s condition after the accident “She can’t really chew, but she’s not really showing it”

Red Velvet updates fans on Wendy's condition

Red Velvet had a fansigning for ‘Psycho’ on the 29th. During the fansign, they said, “Wendy saw the trend for her on Twitter. She really liked it when she saw the screenshot. Currently, Wendy can’t really chew, so she’s eating soft goods such as eggs and bean-curd stew. But she has a bright personality, so she’s not really showing it.”

They added, “Honestly, before we came to the fansigning, we worried about what we would do if we were asked about Wendy, but no one did, and we thought to ourselves how much you care for us. We were angry at the accident, and we are so thankful that so many people helped us. The four of us will promote for the time being, and we’ll be splitting Wendy’s part, so we ask for your forgiveness even if we make a mistake. Wendy will be back when she’s healthy.” cr

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1. [+535, -6] It’s 3.5 meters, not 2 metersㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Seungwan-ahㅠㅠㅠㅠ I feel relieved that you are resting well… I’ll see you with a smile. I’ll wait for that day! I love you.

2. [+355, -3] SBS says it’s 2.5 meters. but I think it’s over 3 meters. SBS should have been careful before the accident. SBS must take responsibility for the aftermath. What’s the difference between attempted murder? That shows how little they treated a singer.

3. [+255, -1] SBS should pay damages.

4. [+149, -1] Wendy, I love you.

5. [+104, -1] Seungwan-ah, when I hear the news, I feel relieved. I want you to get well soon and see you smile. I love you so much, Son Seungwan.

6. [+43, -0] She can’t even chew the food…. I’m really worried about the aftereffects right now. SBS staff must kneel down and apologize to her ㅠㅠ Wendy, get some rest and get well soon.

7. [+23, -2] I’m not even a fan, but I’m so sad because she can’t chew the food. SBS take responsibility and make amends and apologize… Such a broadcaster…

8. [+16, -0] ㅠㅠ A pretty face…. But she must have been badly hurt ㅠㅠ I feel bad for her.. ㅠㅠ

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